African Gallery #1

"This ancient land captures the heart, calling forever to return"


"Burchelli Watering Hole" Watercolor 15 x 41


"Courtship Display" Watercolor 29x17

Two pair of Grey Crowned Cranes were jumping and displaying their beautiful plumage during a courtship dance in the Masai Mara

"Grey Heron" Watercolor 41x17


"In Reflection" Watercolor 28 x 39



From mid November 2005 Gary and I spent four weeks with our guide, Fidel Kyalo, traveling Kenya's wildlife reserves. Each year we return to Africa we have new and amazing wildlife experiences.

The Talek River provides a year around water supply in the Masai Mara with crocodiles waiting for the migrating herds to cross. This tree-lined river is also ideal leopard habitat providing cover and plenty of chances for ambush.

We spent many days searching for this elusive young male leopard and then three fantastic days photographing him. His Masai name is Ngayuni meaning "little boy".

Enlarged Detail of "In Reflection"

"White-browed Sparrow Weaver "

Watercolor 23 x 16