African Gallery #2

"Early Warning"

Watercolor 20 x 27


Within the larger herds of zebra there are smaller groups who seem to band together, positioning themselves for maximum visibility of potential predators from all directions.

Wattled starlings frequently ride the backs of zebras and benefit from any insects that may be stirred up. The zebra also benefit from any early warning from the starlings.

The very young zebra foals have deep blue eyes and brown in their stripes. As they mature, their eyes and stripes gradually change to black.

The enlarged detail on the left is of a Burchelli Zebra foal.


"d'Arnaud's Barbet"


Acrylic 16 x 20

Watercolor 29 x22

"Evening Roost, Cattle Egrets "

Acrylic 18 x 24

Itong Hills near the Masi Mara, Kenya

This spectacular Barbet pair were so completely involved in their courtship dance and song, our presence was ignored.


Serengeti Plains, Tanzania

Cattle Egrets at Lake Ndutu in the late afternoon light offer spectacular reflections. The buff coloring shown is typical of breeding adults.

This Cheetah was constantly on lookout as her cubs played near by.


Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

African Spoonbills are widespread, populating inland waters such as this one at Lake Nakuru, Kenya.

"Watch Your Back"

"African Spoonbill"

Watercolor 24 x 9


Watercolor 24 x 9


"ChuiKilalo" Watercolor 22 x 29