"White Dahlia" Watercolor 32x40


"Tropical Light " Acrylic 60x38


"A Sunny Place" Watercolor 22x30

"Daisy's and Silver" Watercolor 37x29

"Sparkles of Spring" Watercolor 53x38

"Oriental Spring" Watercolor 29x37

"Window Box Geraniums" Watercolor 34x42

"Tulips & Porcelain" Watercolor 37x29

"Claret Cup Cacti" Watercolor 15x37

"Palm Textures" Watercolor 42x54

"Summer Bounty" Watercolor 11x39

"Summer Fare I" Watercolor 40x32

"Summer Fare II" Watercolor 40x32

"Summer Fare III" Watercolor 40x32