African Gallery #4

"This ancient land captures the heart, calling forever to return"

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"Your House or Mine?" Watercolor 6x25

"Mara Rumblings" Watercolor 45x37

"Samburu Dancer" Watercolor 29x18

"Uaso Nyiro River Crossing" Watercolor 10x15

On one very hot day in Samburu we saw a large herd of elephants playing in the river. They were cooling off and stayed for a very long time splashing and rolling and spraying themselves. Elephants really know how to play in the water. They were on their way to the forest on the other side of the river but clearly were not in any hurry to get there. When I decided to do a painting of this scene I wanted to convey the energy and heat I felt from watching them that day. So I played with the watercolor and what happened was a diversion from my usual detailed style. I hope you feel the playful mood of the elephants as they crossed the river.

"Bones" Watercolor 30x22

"Olive Baboon" Pastel 16x11

"After Dinner" Watercolor 30x22

"Lilac-breasted Roller" Watercolor 30x22

"Zawadi, Leopard Gorge" Watercolor 25x40

"Gol Kopje Zebra" Watercolor 14x20